climate collages form webs of energy transition, weather, commons, food, car and tourism lobby, noise, pollutants, world, environment, spatial planning, as well as projected themes. free and commissioned.

Marie Vermont Forum Stadtpark 3
Marie Vermont Forum Stadtpark 2
Marie Vermont Forum Stadtpark 6
Marie Vermont Forum Kueche
Marie Vermont Forum Stadtpark 4
Marie Vermont Feminismuskonferenz
FORUM STADTPARK Zentrum für Sicherheit
illustrations for ongoing year 2022 forum stadtpark

Marie Vermont BB20 4
Marie Vermont BB20 3
Marie Vermont Bregen Biennale 1
Marie Vermont Bregenz Biennale 2
collage postcards for bregenz biennale 2020
available here

Marie Vermont Nessi 1
Marie Vermont Nessi 2
kunstlitfaßsäule salzburg 2020
digital print

Marie Vermont Kreuzfahrt 1
Marie Vermont Kreuzfahrt 2
cruising ship postcards, 3C riso printed

collages for ADRAMA, together with SOYBOT
risoprinted booklets available for 2021
Universitätslehrgang für angewandte Dramaturgie

transparent for philipphop parkside
a project by Barbara Ungepflegt in vienna 2018



Marie Vermont 2021