Clunks, hums, thunks and other woman-made noises coming from different small boxes, fed with electricity.

recordings and projects supporting the many sounds surrounding our everyday live and combining it with analog electronic clunks and lots of cables on analog tapes, with and without guests.

knotted cold days allmende recordings with person, phantom power, electronics and wind.
winter 2022 onetakes, recorded in vienna
marie vermont with minisizer, ehx memory-man, contact mic, mic, micromonsta, keystep, bastle kastle, koma field kit fx, wooden frog, piano, zoom, mixer, sq-1, digitakt, yamaha pss-140, occarina, drums, bass
C60 tape
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schaukasten brigittaplatz
andrea habith, marie vermont
The opportunity of creating a self-contained world within our mundane neighbourhood led us to the idea of working with the Schaukasten as a platform for the Diorama Installation „Alltag der unausgesprochenen Dinge- Being wrong was a waste in itself“. The tonal instrumentation underlines the narrating voice and so forms an acoustic translation of the closed biosphere of the Glaskasten into the outside environment.
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CAMHY X VERMONT - kinovi[sie]on
Frauenarzt Dr. Schäfer - Louise Kolm-Fleck, Jakob Fleck, 1928, live sound at leokino innsbruck together with Adina Camhy

live sound for silentmovie erzherzog johann (1927) at HAUSLEBT, hartberg - together with elsbeth wallnöfer

Inspired by the sound of the extinct bird Huia, each side of the split tape HUIA is a continuous journey through jungles, forests and industrial wastelands. Marie Vermont’s „Allmende“ (side A) is a polyrhythmical remembrance of fizzling common grounds: Squeaking voices, crackling percussive punches and growing disturbances - dimensioning an open ended space. With „Foam“ (side B) Supersurface (Adina Camhy) opens up landscapes of a fictitious dystopian science fiction film: dreamy spheres encounter raw noises, over which hovers the harmless-seeming voice of the most dangerous animal that exists.
Split tape: HUIA
Marie Vermont / Supersurface
A: Marie Vermont - Allmende
B: Supersurface - Foam
recorded in Vienna 2021
mastered by Queer Ear Mastering
label: beach buddies records, Bucharest (RO)
release date: September 2021
comes with RISOprinted folded poster
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Eisbär Induktion
9., 10., 11.9. 2021 @ schaukasten brigittaplatz
andrea habith (vocals, recording, text, concept)
marie vermont (electronics, mics, recording, concept)
passersby (sounds, percussion, electronics)
september 2021 @ muskovitgalerie brigittaplatz, vienna
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electronic noise compositions with recorded noises from household environment and some sound machines arranged after fieldrecordings of birds singing in Vienna during April and May 2020. birdfields: Kohlmeise, Amsel, Haussperling, Rabe, Buchfink, Kleiber, Buntspecht, Stieglitz household noises: fridge, ladder, lighter, waterboiler, table, floor, radiator, lid, peanuts, stones, rasp, scissor, sink comes with RISOprinted folded poster
listen to it here

soundtrack for an animated trailer by Jul Gordon for comicfestival hamburg 2021

comic lecture dubbing with noises for "und – was habta jetzt vor?" by Jul Gordon starting at minute 17

Karolina Preuschl, Marie Vermont
28.10.2019 VIENNALE – Stummfilmvertonung "Frauenarzt Dr. Schäfer" / Metrokino
29.03.2019 Stadtwerkstatt, Linz
31.01.2019 The future, AU
01.11.2018 Noche de los Muertos, Wien Modern, WIEN DIESEL feat. BURLIN MUD
24.08.2018 Klangefstival, Gallneukirchen
07.07.2018 Home is where the art is, Greifenstein
29.06.2018 Metrokino Stummfilmvertonung
28.06.2018 Kino wie noch nie, Stummfilmvertonung
16.03.2018 One Song Festival feat. BURLIN MUD (R.F. Culbertson III)
28.10.2017 VIENNALE – Stummfilmvertonung "Die Strecke" / Metrokino
22.09.2017 Jazzwerkstatt Wien Festival / WUK
27.07.2017 Popfest / Roxy
27.04.2017 Hyperreality, Wiener Festwochen / Schloss Neugebäude
12.04.2017 Brutto / Brut
19.01.2017 Rundgang / Semper Depot
02.12.2016 Clinic / EKH
15.10.2016 Reich und Föhn / Rhiz
09.09.2016 Radio Orange Geburtstagsfeier / Celeste

WIEN DIESEL @ hyperreality 2017

Aurora Hackl Timón – Drums
Billy Roisz – Elektronic, E-Bass, Vocal / Elise Mory – Synthesizer / Karolina Preuschl – Elektronic, Vocal / Leo Riegler – Vocal / Marie Vermont – Elektronic

C90 tapes/ 2019
mindful awareness of overexciting modulated sinus waves to relax our fulfilled society
analog electronics, field recordings and sampling

C20 tapes/ 2018
Fieldrecordings and other electronic gear from above 2000m in stereo.

C20 tapes/ 2018
This album is about the material allegedly emitted by UFOs.
analog electronics, field recordings

»Eine Ampelsinfonie« is a musical score in a book, which refers to four different physical positions in Vienna. Each place represents one part of the symphony. Sound recordings of these locations were analyzed and transcribed into a visual appearance. This visualization works as a graphic notation of an irregular, abstract component in our environment, the noise of the city. A crossroad turns into a concert, which can be attended using the score at a certain time. The symphony combines information, analysis and subjective impressions, a readable, musical experiment.
13 × 19cm, B/W Copy, Risoprint, 160 Pages, Edition of 10, 2014

KSP 2013-2014
KSP money hahahahaha I
money hahahahaha II
recorded in Vienna
Martin Lindermann clarinette
Matthias Widder drums
Marie Vermont electronics, bass

F.C.R. diy label 2008-2012
to be continued

plush keyboard, playable with 2xAA batteries, 2012



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