*1989 Vermont, AT

Marie Vermont was abducted by aliens in 1999 and lives as an experiencer since then, nowadays in Vienna,
together with SOYBOT, a support group for UFO tourists and RISO printing.

title, artist, publisher (NOISBN)
2018 schnöselmösel#6, marie vermont, schnöselmösel
2017 landscapes and interior, marie vermont, soybot
2017 wobby #9, marie vermont, wobby
2017 sssxxx, marie vermont, 666666 - gabriel delmas
2017 rokkos adventure - text illustration, marie vermont, soybot
2017 in this world, marie vermont, soybot
2017 körper marie m., tortuga
2016 666666, marie m., 666666 - gabriel delmas
2016 A3SOME, many artists, soybot
2016 paranormal activities, marie m. soybot
2016 rokkos adventure - text illustration, marie m., rokkos adventure
2016 phantom power, marie m., soybot
2015 fallout, marie m., soybot
2015 toyboy, soybot, soybot
2015 nekroselfie, soybot, soybot
2015 blackmono, marie m., dsa/soybot
2015 the ghost from the other side, marie m., soybot
2015 jenny, cover, marie f., university of applied arts, vienna
2015 lärm, many artists, tortuga magazin
2015 wellflanell, soybot, soybot
2014 temporary is forever, many artists, class jan svenungsson
2014 risobalaton, many artists, art placc festival/art brody/soybot
2014 eine ampelsinfonie, marie f., university of applied arts, vienna
2014 franz west, many artists, franz
2014 ekzem #3-7, many artists, dsa
2013 foxymethoxy, mohameth/burnbjoern, soybot
2013 schimmelgedichte, marie f., soybot
2013 falterspezial - margareten, coverillustration, marie f., falter
2012 fels, many artists, soybot/vienna design week
2012 it´s nice to be important, marie f./malin schoenberg, soybot
2012 the king of hardcore, marie f., soybot
2012 bongs, tribals and cars, marie f./julian turner/matthias widder
2012 krampus und rauch, soybot, soybot
2011 norilsk, marie f., soybot
2011 666, marie f., soybot
2010 hömhöröm, marie f./malin schoenberg, grafist 14, istanbul, tr
2010 luftfahrt/raumfahrt, marie f., soybot
2009 phorm zine, many artists, phorm verein

2018 talk/student visit by kunsthochschule kassel, class for visual communication, johanna schaffer, soybot studio, vienna
2017 salon für kunstbuch, soybot riso workshop, 21er haus, vienna
2017 soybot riso workshop, painting class, henning bohl, university of applied arts vienna
2016 soybot talk, crafted in vienna, wirtschaftsagentur wien, vienna
2016 pink noise girls rockcamp band poster workshop, vienna
2016 option 2.0, soybot refugee riso workshop, vienna
2016 jury for this human world film festival trailer, vienna
2016 soybot riso postcard workshop, make.a zine, vienna
2016 soybot interview, leporello, ö1
2016 salon für kunstbuch, soybot riso workshop, 21er haus, vienna
2015 body painting workshop, soybot, self publishing saturday raum d, mq, vienna
2015 soybot riso-workshop, painting class, henning bohl, university of applied arts, vienna
2015 soybot riso-workshop, lustr festival, prague, cz
2014 soybot riso-workshop class for printgraphic, jan svenungsson, , soybot, vienna
2014 soybot riso workshop, brody art yard, art placc, tihany, H
2014 soybot riso workshop, self festival, bratislava, sk
2012 soybot riso workshop, vienna design week, fedrigoni, vienna

2017 soybot @ tokonoma, documenta#14 cooperation, kassel, GE
2017 lustr festival, prague, cz
2017 next comic linz, soybot, ok, linz
2017 für immer, die schöne, vienna
2017 isolationcamp exhibition, oxymoron
2016 soybot and friends, raumschiff, linz
2016 mostly loud but also quiet noise, too ,tortuga, graz
2016 prints and inks, possible worlds, ottawa, ca
2015 werkschau für grafisches und illustratives, soybot, alte bankzentrale, vienna
2015 auf den ersten blick, soybot, wien museum, vienna
2015 be my guest #2 dresden, kulturrathaus, dresden, ge
2015 next comic festival, soybot, raumschiff, linz
2014 fokus angewandte, diploma exhibition, university of applied arts, vienna
2014 brody art yard, soybot, art placc festival, budapest, h
2014 self festival, soybot, pravszka, bratislava, sk
2014 mq summer of sound, soybot, raum d, mq, vienna
2013 be my guest, stadtgalerie lehen, salzburg
2013 ekzem#4, u-45, vienna
2012 vienna design week, soybot, fedrigoni, vienna
2011 vienna design week, soybot, kunstlabor, vienna
2010 grafist 14, mimar sinan fine arts university, istanbul, tr
2010 instant fishing, ragnarhof, vienna
2009 urban hack, lolligo, vienna
2009 essence, künstlerhaus, vienna
2008 essence, vordere zollamtsstraße, vienna

2017 lustr festival, prague, cz
2017 basel art book fair, basel, ch
2017 gutter fest, barcelona, sp
2017 c.l.u.e. festival, leipzig, de
2016 ail print weekend, vienna
2016 grafixxx festival, antwerpen, be
2016 crack! festival, forte prenestino, rome, i
2016 filler, milan, i
2016 independent publishing #7, linz
2015 crack! festival, forte prenestino, rome, i
2014 sprint milano, milan, i
2014 zine store day, transformer, vienna
2013 millionaires club, leipzig, de
2013 zinefair, kunsthalle mq, vienna
2013 caffeine hours, metelkova, ljubljana, sl
2013 zinestoreday, transformer, vienna
2012 zinefair, kunsthalle mq, vienna